Testimonial - Nadine Shaban, RN, Diabetes Educator

Bioflor 7 Female TestimonialI had my wisdom teeth removed earlier this month. I was amazed at the quick delivery of Bioflor7 and even more impressed by the ability for it to work on my recovery. I was on antibiotics and my body never responds well to antibiotics. I normally have poor digestion, weight gain and bloating. Immediately after the procedure, I took Bioflo7. It was fast acting, convenient as I could only have liquid for the first 5 days, and increased my recovery. The doctors couldn’t believe how quickly I recovered with no complications.


Furthermore, I had no side effects of the antibiotics. The B vitamins gave me energy and also restored my deficiency as the pain medications and antibiotics depleted them; the aloe vera helped heal my gut lining and the prebiotics helped deliver good bacteria to my body. I had to take one vial a day compared to my normal 9-12 pills of probiotic and only had to take this for a week, compared to my everyday routine. I can’t ask for a better system! It’s all in one, and I will be recommending this to all of my patients. It’s easy, works fast and tastes amazing!

Nadine Shaban, RN, Diabetes Educator